Alyea Sandovar

Hi, I'm Alyea, PhD! I am a game producer and a "play" consultant

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Are you struggling to integrate play elements into your business?

I can help

I am a game and play expert. I create quality and aesthetically pleasing digital products. I work well in collaborative environments and I am an ace managing people.

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I write

I write academic and research articles about digital products including video games and virtual reality. I also write marketing and branding materials. I work with an editor to ensure the work is of the highest quality.

€ 77/hour


I produce

I manage and coordinate all aspects of digital production for virtual reality, video games, gamification and marketing materials. These are on a project basis.

€ 88/hour

I found her work to be concise, thorough and on time. She is a hard worker with a lovely personality. I would recommend working with her.
— Astrid van den Bovenkamp, senior project manager, flavour
I had an amazing opportunity to work with Alyea. I found her work to always be well planned and organised. She always offered constructive feedback. I would definitely work with her again
— Alis Hovsepyan, owner of co-organization

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I consult

I provide consulting services for playful experience, gamification, branding with playful elements and qualitative research design.

€ 111/hour


Hi, I'm ALyea

My professional background is very eclectic, which makes me a Jane of all trades. My PhD is in Game Production, I also have a Masters in Psychology, a Masters in Human Organizational Systems, and a Bachelor’s is in Public Relations and Communication. In addition, I have experience working with academic institutions, non profits, game studios, corporations and start-ups. I am passionate about creating high quality products with ease and fun. I believe creating playful products should not be a headache. Any product can be created when all members of the team are skilled and supported.

I consider myself a world citizen. Though I am originally from Colombia (South America), I have also have lived in the United States (California, Texas, Florida), Costa rica, with short stays in Spain and Argentina and now live in Amsterdam, Netherlands (with short stays in Indonesia). My personal passions are travel, dark chocolate, making beautiful things and dancing.

I love interacting with people from other cultures, and telling stories about the people I meet. I also love learning —- I am now becoming a yoga instructor! I am also an avid meditator and aim to bring respect, peace, fun and tranquility to every project I become a part of. One of my super powers is bringing out the best in people through understanding, collaboration and listening.


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